jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

I'm back after a long time...

I will be back very very soon after a long time out of my blog and my tutorials, I'm with desires again of play in my PSP and make tutorials, I lived a lot of personal issues and my desires went away from me for a long time, but now I'm better and you know I love PSP and tags, and I know I can't live without my pc, so I'm here again to play with them and make new tutorials for you and some other things, II experimented a bit with the pixels and love them too, well I think I will to use them in my tags and make some sigtags for you too.

Just a let me some little more time to do some things I need to do before that.

Thank you all for not forget me and for your support. I never will to forget that, was very valious for me all the time I were not ok.

Big hugs and kisses to all my beautiful friends who in every moments gave me a love word to made me feel happy and helped me to smile again.

Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams

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