viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

Tutorial Panda's Bears by Paci

This new tut is not mine, is a Paci tutorial, she have a beautiful blog and make some awesome tubes, please go there to download all her free tubes and kits.

She write this beautiful tut and now I'm going to translate her tuts in english.
You will need this supplies, and can download HERE. ( Includes Mask, Paper, and butterflies animation. )

Let's begin:

1.- You have to Download the beautiful bears from Paci tubes blog, HERE .
2.- Open a new raster layer of 500 x 500, white.
3.- Open your paper in psp, and the mask provided in supplies.
4.- Copy and paste as new layer the paper in your tag.
5.- Go to Masks/New mask/ from an image; and select the image you have open in your psp of mask provided. Then go to mask/ delete mask, and merge layers.
6.- Copy one of the bears tubes, and paste as new layer.
7.- Marge all visible layers.
8.- Write your name and the message.
9.- Open your Animation Pro, and apply the butterflies animation in your tag.
It's done.
Hope you like it, I'm glad to translate this lovely tut from Paci.
Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams.

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