sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

After a long time, I'm back...

Well my dear followers, scrappers, taggers and friends, I'm back to my tutorials, I'm beggining a new time in my life, I took some time for me, for my family and my job, time for think about what I want to do now with my life, and I'm ready to come back to my tutorials, things what I love very specially, to my PSP, and my tubes and scraps, I have to say thank you all for your support all this time and for your friendship who makes me so Happy always, I need you very much, I'm ok a little better in my feelings, but I'm alone now so I need of your words of love, of your company, and your support, my depression took me a little down for a while, but now I'm better and I have desires of return to my blog, to my tuts, and to do something for you. 
Well just some words to explain why I were out all this time, hope you can understand and again thank you for all. 


Mariel  - ©Artistic Dreams

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