sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Tut "Magic World"

For this simple tut you will need the following things:

The tube of your choice, I used both in different tags, one from the beautiful new pack # 38 from Suzanne Woolcott, you can buy her tubes HERE, and the other from ©Débora García, you can buy this pack HERE. Both are PTU and you need a licence number.

The frame and the Kristie picture you can find in my supplies HERE and HERE.

Let´s begin:

1.- Open the supplies in your PSP, with your magic wand select into the frame, and go to selections/modify/expand 5. Then copy and paste as new layer Image 1, resize to convenience, then go to selection/invert and then Edit/Cut. Move this layer below the frame layer.

2.- Copy and paste the tube of your choice, resize to convenience and apply drop shadow of choice.

3.- Merge all the vosible layers, and add your licence number.

4.- Write your name and the words "Magic World" with the same font, I used: Dr Carbfred, size: 36 colour outside: none, colour inside: black. Apply drop shadow with the following settings: 1 - 1 - 90 - 9.9, with black colour, twice, and then with white colour once.

5.- Save as png.

It's done.

I hope you like this tut.

I love to see all your results, if you want you can send me your tags with the results of my tuts to: newartisticdreams@gmail.com

Thank you for try this and the others tuts.

This tutorial was writting by me, Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams on 8th of august of 2009, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams

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