martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Tutorial "Addicted to Rac"

For this tutorial you will need the following things:

First of all the beautiful scrap kit from Scrapmaniafree, called "Addicted to Rac". Is a PTU and you can purchase this scrap kit HERE.

The tube is one of the awesome girls from ©Ismael Rac, you can get his tubes and licence HERE.

The mask is the number 76 from Designs by Vaybs and you can download the mask HERE.

Let's begin:

1.- Open a new raster layer of 500 x 500 pixels.

2.- Copy and paste as new layer the paper # 6. Open your PSP go to masks/new mask/from an image. And apply the Vaybs mask # 76. Then go to masks/delete mask.

3.- Copy and paste as new layer the frame (element #20), resize to 55%.

4.- Now with your magic wand select into the frame, then go to selection/modify/expand 4. Copy and paste as new layer Paper 7. Go to selection/invert and then Edit/cut. Move the paper layer below the frame layer.

5.- Copy and paste your tube as new layer, move the tube as you can see in my tag, you need to delete all what exceed the frame, so duplicate the layer, put one below the frame layer and the other up the frame layer, and in the second one, select all what you need delete with your lace tool, and delete all what you need. You have got the other layer below so you can't notice where you delete your tube, and the girl will looks as if passing through the frame.

6.- Now copy and paste as new layer element 17, resize to 30%, add drop shadow of choice. Put this element as you can see in my tag.

7.- Copy and paste as new layer element 15, resize to 30%, add the same drop shadow as you used before. Now copy and paste the element # 5, resize to 20%, duplicate and move one of the layers up and the other down of the frame. Reflet one of them and put them as you can see in my tag.

8.- Now copy and paste as new layer the element 35, resize to 40%, duplicate once, reflet the last one and then turn up. Move both layers below the paper backgrownd of the frame. You can see the result in my tag.

9.- Now merge all visible layers. Add you licence and the copyright, and write your name with a font of your choice. I used a texture effect/silver. Then glass with Eye Candy 4000, and added drop shadow of choice.

10.- Save as png.

It's done.

I hope you like this tut.

I love to see all your results, if you want you can send me your tags with the results of my tuts to:

Thank you for try this and the others tuts.

This tutorial was writting by me, Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams on 5th of october of 2009 any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental

Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams

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