sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

WOW!!! Two new Awards from Maryana!!!! Thank you!!!!

Award # 1
I received this Awards from my friend Maryana, and I say Thank You my friend, God Blessed to me with your friendship, you are so sweet Hun!!
Visit her with a clic in her blinkie:
Rules for this Award:
1.- Publish the link of the blog who gives you this Award.
2.- Choose 6 more friends blogs to give it.
3.- Say them who have an Award in your blog.
4.- Answer the following questions:
1.- Why you have a Blog?
I have my blog because when msn close their groups, I want to be in contact with my forums friends, so I open mine. But then I began to write tuts, and that's is why I have a blog, to share my tuts with any one in the world.
2.- How much time ago you have this blog?
A few month ago, sonce february, 2009.
3.- What do you feel as a blogger owner?
I knew wonderful people in all this time, learn a lot of new things about this activity, and give me so much pleasure write tuts and more if they likes to the others.
4.- What is friendship for you?
I think is fuel for the motor's life.
5.- What do you like to say to a friend today?
I just want to say Thank You to all my friends, because without them the life feels like a death.
6.- What do you wait for friendship?
Just sincerity and affection.
I choose the followoing blogs to give this Award:
Award # 2

Thank you Maryana, I love you sweetie!!


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