lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009

Tut "Happy Birthday Paci"

Hi all, I'm here with a new Happy Birthday tut, this one is for Paci in her birthday!!! Happy Birthday sweetie, have a wonderful day on march, 13 th.
Well you will need the beautiful Collab Kit called "Birthday Party Paci", from Paci and Touch Me. Please visit her blogs, and leave some love there!!
Frames for this tut you can download HERE.
Let's begin:

1.- Open a new raster layer of 500 x 400 pixels, transparent.
2.- Open a mask of choice in your PSP, and a paper of choice from the scrap kit. Copy the paper and paste as new layer, resize to 40 %. Go to to masks/new mask/ from an image, and apply the mask you choose, then again Masks/delete mask. Add some drop shadow to this layer.
3.- Open the frame image in PSP, copy and paste as new layer, select with your magic wand, into the frames. Go to selection/modify/ expand to 10.
4.- Open paper # 5, copy and paste as new layer. Resize to 40%. Go to Selection/invert. Edit/cut. Put this laye below the frames layer.
5.- Copy "Paci mouse and balloons", paste as new layer, and resize to 20%. put this layer as you can see in my image.
6.- Now do the same with "Paci_chocolate_cupecake 3"but rezise to 15%.
7.- Do the same again with "monoso_fiestero_by Paci".
8.- Put this layers as you can see in my image. Add some drop shadow of choice.
9.- Now play with some others elements, strawberries, bows, wordarts, candies, so you can play and use your imagination for make your own original tag. Resize to convenience, you can use the same as I used if you want.
10.- Add ©Paci copyright, and merge all visible layers.
11.- Write your name. I used Font: International Palms, size: 48. Colours of choice. Then I add a white drop shadow.
12.- Save as png.
It's done.
This tutorial was writting by me, Mariel - Artistic Dreams© on 10th of march of 2009, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams

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