miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

Tut "Happy St. Patrick Day"

Hi all, today I make a new tut about St. Patrick Day, I love the colours of this Irish holiday, so I think this tut can be fun.
Well if you want to make this tag, you will need the following things, really it's very easy.
Firs of all I used the beautiful new scrap of Touch Me, called "Lucky is magic", is a PTU, and you can purchase the scrap in her shop HERE.
The tube is from MPT, the awesome art of Keith Garvey, you can purchase his tubes and your licence number HERE.
The template is from my sweet friend Lorna's blog. You can download this template in her blog HERE. Is template # 5.
Let's begin.
1.- Open a new raster layer of 500 x 500 pixels.
2.- Open your Lorna's template in your psp. Copy the grey scallop layer. Copy and paste as new layer in your psp, select inside this form, choose a paper from the scrap kit and paste as new layer, resize if you want, the go to select/invert, and edit/cut. Delete the template layer.
3.- Repeat step #2 with all the layer of your template. But with diferent papers you like.
4.- Add a bow in the middle of the cross, and a flower. Resize both to convenience. See my image for help.
5.- Then I playe with some elements, rainbow's layer is reduced in opasity to 50%. Then used hat_1, herradura_1, leave_2 ( I duplicate twice this layer and reflet one of them), book_2 and potop_gold_1. Use my image for help, put the layers as you can see in my tag, and resize to convenience.
6.- Copy and paste the tube, as you can see in my tag, and then copy deco_trebol_1, paste as new layer, duplicate twice, and reflet. In your girl tube delete all what exceed of this deco_trebol tube.
7.- Copy and paste deco_trebol_7, paste as new image, resize to convenience. Put this image in the middle of the others two deco tubes. Use my image for help.
8.- Copy and paste the wordart text_trebol_1, resize and add drop shadow of choice.
9.- Add your name, I put the name in a circle, but you can use a line too. Font: Lucida Blackletter, size: 36 with the following colours: Outside:#b9a508, inside: #004000. Add drop shadow with this settings: 1-1-88-6,2.
10.- write your licence number, and the merge all visible layers and save as png.
It's done. Hope you like this tut.
I love to read your comments on my cbox about this or other tuts, thank you!!
This tutorial was writting by me, Mariel - Artistic Dreams© on 25th february of 2009, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams

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