viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

New tut "Easter Bunnies"

Hi all, today in the morning I found a new kit from Touch Me about Easter Bunnies, and I fall in love with the colours. So I decide tu make this tut, I think is a wonderful kit and you can enjoy so much playing with this one.
For your tag you will need the following things:
The New Scrap Kit from Touch Me called "Bunny Town Easter", is a PTU, and you can purchase HERE.
The tubes are taken from the beautiful element's pack of ©Suzanne Woolcott, called "Bears and Bunnies", you can purchase her art and a number of licence, HERE.
The beautiful frames you can download in Sunf's blog, they are called "Perforated Frames", go to freebbies HERE.
The Mask is # 219 from Weescotlass Creations and you can dowload HERE.
Let's begin:
1.- Opn a new raster layer of 700 x 500, transparent.
2.- Select paper # 7, copy and paste as new layer. Then open your mask in psp, go to masks/new mask/from an image. Select the mask image, and then Masks/delete mask.
3.- Select one of the perforated frames, copy and paste as new layer. Rotate 8 degrees to the right. Select a paper, and with the magic wand in your frame select all frames inside, press and select all in once time. Go to select/modify/ expand 5.
4.- Select a paper of choice. Copy and paste as new layer, put this paper layer below the frame layer, go to select/ invert, and the Edit/cut. Go to select/none.
5.- Do the same with other perforated Frame. But this time rotate 15 degrees to the left. And repeat step # 4, with other paper of choice.
6.- do step #3 once more time with the third frame. But this time leave the frame as you paste as new layer without rotate.
7.- Repeat step # 4, now with a colour paper. I used paper # one.
8.- Now select you form tool, select circle form, colour outside none, colour inside white, size 15. Go to your tag and make a circle, as you can see in my image. Apply Effects/Unlimited 2.0/paper texture/Cotton paper fine, with this settings: intensity 128, lightness 96. Convert this layer as new raster layer.
9.- Select inside the frame you created, with your magic wand, now go to select/modify/expand 5. copy and paste new paper as new layer, I used paper # 13. Then go to select/invert. Edit/cut. And put this layer below the frame layer.
10.- Copy "dec eggs # 1", paste as new layer, resize to delete all what exceed your frame with your eraser tool. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 60%. Put this layer below the frame too.
11.- Select all the frames and add drop shadow of choice.
12.- Copy and paste as new layers, both bows from the kit, I choose a colours bows # 1 and # 6. Resize to 20 %. Use image for a guide.
13.- Select both flowers, I used sweet flowers # 4 and # 5. Resize to 10 %. Put both in the frame center. Use image for a guide.
14.- Now copy the carrot tube, paste as new layer, resize to 15%. and duplicate this layer many times as you need, reflet one of this layers, and again duplicate all the times you need to fill all the file. You can see this in my image. Add drop shadow of choice to all the carrots, you can select some of them, and with your eraser tool, can delete some bites. I used eraser with size 6, round.
15.- At this time you have a tag with all necesary to play with some more elements, as candys, eggs, bunnies, and all you have in your kit to play. Please, look at my image, select the elements, and use your imagination for change all you want. The posibilities are infinit.
16.- Open the element pack of tubes from ©Suzanne Woolcott, choose the bunnies, copy and paste as new layer, inside of the circle frame, then resize to 80% both of them, and the last bunny, to 60%. Delete all what exceed of frame. Add drop shadow.
17.- Add your licence number, and merge all visible layers.
16.- Write your name, I used font: Curlz MT, size 60, colour outside: #259ee3, colour inside: #8a31ef. Effects/Eye Candy 4000/ Corona with default settings, colour: #f87120. Again Effects/Eye Candy 4000/ glass.
It's done, I hope you like this tut, I love this new kit from Touch Me. Thank you for try my tutorials.
This tutorial was writting by me, Mariel - Artistic Dreams© on 20th february of 2009, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

Mariel - ©Artistic Dreams

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